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This year has started off fairly differently for Amory High School. The school has changed many policies regarding phones, dress code, and lunch. These changes were something that students wanted, as they would have more freedom of expression, as compared to previous years.

The biggest change this year was the dress code. Students can now wear athletic shorts, sweatpants, joggers, and other types of clothing which had not been previously allowed. Most students have been enjoying this newfound freedom, some more than others. One change I’d like to see would be allowing hats to be worn at school.

Another change made regarding cell phones. Students are now allowed to be on their phones while in the hallway and during non-instructional time. Originally, students were allowed to be on their phones during lunch, but some students immediately began to abuse this privilege, which led to it being taken away. Students enjoy being able to use their phones in the hallway, though there have been some student-traffic blocks because of this.

The lunch policy was also changed. Lunch is no longer free for students anymore. While free lunch was a great thing that helped many students, we all knew it couldn’t last forever.

All of these changes have made a big difference this year, but students seem to like these new changes. I look forward to seeing what the school will change next year.

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