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What's New at School

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Back in March of this year, our small town of Amory was hit by a tornado. It plowed through the sport fields and some of the major landmarks of the school, such as the auditorium, gym, and front entrance. Because of this, we have a bunch of new updates this school year at Amory High School. In my opinion, there are three new updates that really add value to the school. First is the new classroom trailers. They were placed here at the beginning of the semester. We are currently using them to house offices and sports classrooms.

The second new update is that we have five new water fountains, two of which are located in our Career and Technical Center. As you enter the main building, you'll see them along the walls and down the hallway. They have this cool feature that allows you to directly fill your water bottle. The water fountains not only provide a refreshing drink of water but also also add a modern and sleek look to the school hallways.

Lastly, we have updated bathrooms in the main building. We have new automatic fixtures, including toilets and sinks. The new fixtures not only enhance the look of the stalls, but they also make the bathrooms feel more bright and comfortable.

These new school updates have helped to make the school look even better. The new things we have been given to replace what was destroyed by the tornado have had a positive impact on our school. It's amazing how these new additions, from the new fountains to the trailers and sinks, all come together to make our school a more welcoming and enjoyable place.

Front Entrance Post-Tornado
One of Two New Trailers
The New Field House
Current Front Entrance
One of the New Water Fountains

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