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Snack & Go

Snack & Go is a small-town restaurant that is known for being a quick yet non-fast food style eatery. This business was founded by Exie Glenn, who later passed on this business to his mother. Snack & Go was named by the original owner, who said the inspiration came from when we “all came together with the food that was being served.”

Snack & Go is a small, shack-style building with yellow

Owners of Snack & Go

benches in front of where you place your order to sit outside and eat. This restaurant has all of your favorite meals, from freshly cooked hot wings to their delicious chili cheeseburgers. This establishment has been open for 10 years now and is located at 506 108th St. West in Amory, MS. Snack & Go is only open on Fridays and Saturdays from 3 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Owner Chastity and Chris Terry quote that Snack & Go, “...was all a dream and then one day came together to be reality.”

Once I arrived, I ordered their lemon pepper wings and as a side, the bacon, cheddar, and ranch fries with a large cup of their cherry Kool-Aid. I did not order Snack & Go’s most popular item on the menu, however, which is a taco salad. For dessert, I tried a delicious bowl of their banana pudding, which they say made them popular because it "brought in all of their customers." This establishment is full of nice people and great customer service.

Overall, I enjoyed my visit there and the food was amazing. I highly encourage y'all to go try it out!

Fresh Banana Pudding
Wings with Loaded Fries

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