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Last Ride

This year is my senior year and I’m looking forward to graduating, being better at archery, and keeping good grades. Graduating is a big thing to me because it shows how much I’ve accomplished throughout the years. After thirteen years of school, it’s finally coming to an end, and adulthood is right around the corner. Adulthood can be kind of terrifying, but that’s the part where you grow up, and figure out your life.

Ever since seventh grade, I’ve been on the archery team. At first, I was a little rough, but with some help from my grandfather, I became better. Two years ago I was number one in the state, but last year I got into a slump. Since this year is my last year, I hope to be better than I was before.

Grades haven’t been a problem for me recently. Sometimes I struggle with studying, so I try many different ways to understand and know the material for the test. I hope my studying will get better so I can keep my grades up. I’m looking forward to having a great year and being the best I can be.

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