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¨Say yes to the dress!!¨

What color did you choose for prom? Every year, juniors and seniors go out to try on the most gorgeous dresses to find the perfect one for prom night. Girls love this time of year to get all dressed up and dolled out, but do you really know what all goes into it?

Girls go for up to three months trying to figure out what color looks best with their hair and eyes. This is a long process but it's all worth it for the big night. Prom dresses can be very expensive and it all depends on the brand you buy. Other things that contribute to this big night are nails, hair, makeup, tanning, and dress of course. This can all be fun but can also cause a lot of stress.

With having all the items for the night, finding people to do it all is more important than the night all together. Finding the perfect store to get your dress, finding the right person for your hair and make, and finding someone to do your tan. While all this is happening, you have to book the appointments before your other classmates do. For girls, prom is stressful but for guys, all they have to do is throw the tux on. But in the end, It's all worth it.

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