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National School Safety Week!

This week, October 16-22, Amory Schools are celebrating national school safety week. It is a time when schools across America campaign motivation for key education and law enforcement policymakers as well as students, parents, and community residents to advocate for school safety. Safety in all schools is important because it allows students to always know and feel that they are safe and can look forward to being in an encouraging learning environment.

When parents or students feel as though where they are is not safe they are at risk of feeling uncomfortable which can lead to more absences with poor performance. Amory schools want to always create a safe environment, especially on their watch. We celebrate this important week because it's the main focus for students.

Not only does Amory promote safety from the outside world but also things, such as any kind of abuse, violence, bullying, natural disasters, transportation, etc. Staff and leaders do everything they can to make sure students get to school safely and leave safely.

This week, Amory High School wore the color orange and wrote “If you see something, say something” sayings. They were written to show why you say something when you see it and who you do it for. Our school loves to keep everyone safe, big or small, and that’s why we participate in anything and everything possible.

With that being said, Happy School Safety Week!

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