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Culinary Arts

If you get the chance to take culinary arts, not only will you learn how to cook, but also the history of food and the equipment you may need while cooking. You will learn how to prepare and cook the food, how to plate it, and also how to clean up your area whenever you finish. You will also learn the basic skills needed in order to handle food.

The first year of culinary is basically learning the history of food and knowing the important people who have a big role in the food industry. You will learn the electrical part of cooking. For instance, the different types of fire extinguishers and how to plug and unplug certain things into an outlet. You will learn many different types of utensils as well. When you start working with food you will cover the basics like breads, eggs, oils, and other items as well.

The second year of culinary is mainly hands- on. It mainly deals with cooking and serving people. You will be able to cook for people and serve them with your dish to see how they like it. You will also be able to make gingerbread houses and take them to the museum to be judged. Mrs. Langford also allows the students to play a game of chopped so the students can learn how it is to be independent in their cooking.

If you're able to take culinary, take the chance and do it. Mrs. Langford is an excellent teacher who knows what she’s doing and what she’s talking about. She teaches the students the importance of culinary and where it can take you as an adult. She lets the students take matters into their own hands when it comes to cooking as long as they follow the instructions. Mrs. Langford owned a restaurant in Aberdeen, Mississippi before she started teaching here, and since then she’s applied her knowledge to the classroom. She is a great person overall and an even better instructor.

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