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A very Teacher Academy Halloween

Last Friday, October 28th, Teacher Academy 2 and a hand full of Teacher Academy 1 students went to West Amory Elementary to help the PTO with a cute activity for the classes. Teacher Academy spent lots of time preparing booths with activities for the students to do, we had a "Ghost Punch" and a Fishing booth that all students enjoyed. Both Activities went very smoothly, and the students loved seeing their "teachers" in action.

We left around 2nd period after loading the bus, and as soon as we got there we began setting up. They had candy and everything ready for us to pass out, and all the other tables had decorations and treats for all the students. Mrs. Adams said everyone was very grateful for our help and loved how hard everyone worked. The other students that helped enjoyed it as well. Karlee Capps, from TA 1, said "I loved being part of something that brought so much happiness to the younger kids. I am excited to do more things like it." Over all Halloween treat for West Amory kids was a success!

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