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The Werewolf

Running through the darkness of a starless night, a wolf was hunting for its next meal. However, this wolf was not that of a common gray wolf, nor one of a rarer species. This wolf was once human. It had died long ago, driven mad and starved within the dungeons of the swamps. Its hunger was more than that of any animal, more than any monster. It moved through the night, weaving through trees and shrubbery. Eventually stopping at a cliff edge, the wolf peered over the side, looking and searching.

“What is it?” a voice rang from the wolf. “Where are they…?” The wolf had turned out to be human still. Fast and sly, it was looking for the party it once was a part of. Strangely, the skin was a deep blue. The fur is even darker. Its eyes a fiery red, and teeth as sharp and menacing as the maw of a divine beast. The wolf, the person, they went by a name. “Alter”. The wolf was once royal, king of a kingdom long gone and forgotten. Many have never heard of him; he never disclosed his name willingly. Always went by Werewolf. Always howling like a dog for what he lost. Always… Always…

The sound of a war horn suddenly blew, throwing the wolf into a state of panic. It threw itself off the edge and fell through the tree and bushes below. It was fully dead now, right? No… Something caught the wolf, someone caught the wolf. The person was not afraid of the danger they were in now, nor did they care. They knew the wolf and the wolf knew them. Friends in a past life, enemies in the afterlife. Strange how they still seem to worry for each other. Even if it meant putting each other in the way of death. They both thrived on darkness, they both were born from it. The wolf didn’t fight, knowing it was outmatched. The person set it down, gently and carefully, they tried to not harm it much.

They stared at each other for some time, and eventually, the wolf ran away. He didn’t want to fight the person and the person didn’t want to fight him. Though the person did raise a hand when he ran, they didn't chase. The wolf continued to run until he knew he was far from the person...

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