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A Christmas Miracle

It was a misty Christmas morning filled with laughter and cheer. I was running down the stairs, ready to open my presents when suddenly, I took a tumble down the stairs and blacked out. When I woke up, I was in a different dimension. I could feel a Christmas spirit overtake me. I saw Santa, and he was so jolly and happy that I was there. He told me I was here for a reason - I was here to help. Lately, they have been running behind on toys, and they would not finish by Christmas Eve. He told me that fate brought me to him to help save Christmas. I got right to work. I had to save Christmas for every little kid looking forward to their presents. So, I started directing everyone to where they needed to go. I made schedules and break times. We were going to make every toy before it was time to deliver them.

Suddenly, the whole Santa warehouse came tumbling down. All of our progress went right down the drain. I didn't know what to do. I began walking away, ready to give up and go back home. Suddenly, a light appeared in front of me. It looked like an angel. I couldn’t see anything because of how bright the light was. I heard a very soft voice - it was the light talking. The light started dim more and more until the light finally was gone. In its place, I saw a woman in a white dress with a crown on top of her head. She started to talk once again. She told me she was the guardian of Christmas spirit, and I had been granted one wish to help me on my journey to save Christmas. I made a wish that every present we needed to make would magically appear ready to go so Santa could start delivering them.

She started to disappear, and suddenly, all the presents appeared, loaded up into Santa's sleigh ready to go. Santa came up to me thanked me. He told me he knew fate brought me for a reason. A present came tumbling down and dropped right on my head making me black out again. I felt someone shaking me awake - it was my sister yelling my name. When I finally opened my eyes, I saw her face and her mouth moving, but I couldn’t make out what she was saying. She was telling me to wake up because it was Christmas and time to open our presents. Right then and there it dawned on me that everything that happened was just a dream.

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