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The last session by Elijah Rainey

“I have a question I’d like to ask you if time were to permit. I assure you that it’s nothing serious, just born from my curiosity is all. I was merely wondering uh..sorry to get to the point. Have you ever loved someone so much you wished them dead? I know, quite the interesting question right. Regrettably, I once experienced such a love. One of maddening infatuation, of irksome obsession, of damning devotion. Such a love I once had came to an end with my own hands. I think about it every waking moment. The sounds of her voice, feeling of her touch, warmth of her breath. Especially the moment they all went silent, cold, short. A moment in time I will remember until the judgment of man falls upon me. So do forgive my nosiness, but could you tell me doc? Have you ever fostered such a love before?”

The room went silent shortly after the young man finished speaking. An exhale of smoke escaped the mouth of the white-coated young woman. A cold sigh absconded shortly after to reveal a face of indifference. The seasoned woman then let out a fixed smile, portraying her profession to a tee. In her industry, so much as two years can make one a seasoned veteran, she at present found herself on her fifth. She had always thought it ironic the job she ended up doing. So many hours she spent in an office similar to her own. Though it happened to be in one of these offices that she discovered humanity's disparity of life. She chuckled to herself at the thought of us all starting with the same vulnerabilities, and how they quickly changed in all but a few years. This was an undeniable fact. Then came the man in front of her. The human shared vulnerability of humanity was never birthed with the development of this man. The value of a human life is something that all humans regard as invaluable. Despite humans putting a price on others in either literal or metaphorical ways, most humans would not disregard another life from their own selfish love. Most humans are not monsters.

“Yes David...Yes I have. However, my job isn’t to answer your unsolicited inquiries. Now that I have answered your questions, care to answer the state-issued questions? Whether you answer these questions or not, I still happen to be paid for this. Now tell me, Why did you kill your wife? If you don’t have a reason, do you plan to repent for this sin? For the record David, you only have less than a month left before the end of your sentence.”

To the sound of her admittance, a sly smile etched across David’s face. A small creek escaped from the black leather lounge chair, of which he leaned back upon. His hollow eyes, once cold, now house a bright gleam. An air of proudness exuded from the man, as if he were staring at a stranger that shared the same interests. Though he had known the tight-laced doctor for the past year, this was the first time she had shared something about herself. His eyes silently let out a thought. ‘I wonder who it was the Doc had loved’. But just as quick as the thought appeared, it disappeared just as quickly.

“What boring questions to ask Doc, but if I were to say, it’s mostly because I didn’t want anyone else to have her. And as for the repentance. Well, it seems my time for that is just about up. That being said, I'm far more curious as to what makes you and me so different. Why is it that I find myself bound by chains, while you sit there with that half listening face you so love to make? Care to answer my questions Dr. Jasmine Carter?”

“Mr. David, you are beyond out of line, but even so I’ll humor you. Were I to spot the difference between the two of us; it would be that I didn’t get the satisfaction of snuffing his life out myself. You alone got such a privilege. And from the look in your eyes just a second ago, I bet you're wondering as to who it was that my love belonged to. To cut this egregious conversation short. It was my father that I watched die before my very eyes. I watched as he slowly killed himself over time, pushing ever so deeper into his grave. The funny thing is he pushed my mother the same way when she was alive. I can still remember him begging me to call for help as he began frothing from his mouth. The tears that my eyes refused to let fall and my legs frozen in place unable to move. It was in the beginning that I believed I couldn’t move out of fear, shock. Much later I came to realize I didn’t move because I wanted to watch him suffer in his final moments. You, much like myself, know the feelings that come after such a revelation. Those feelings of ecstasy at the thought of them lying cold. But unlike you, I haven’t let such emotions cloud my humanity to depravity. I can wear my human mask without fear of it falling off. Unfortunately, I can not say the same for you, Mr. David. That concludes our time. I hope you see you again Mr. David. Also, in light of your current predicament, I hope you can make amends with yourself. Goodbye Mr. David.

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