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Makeup Madness

The new TikTok controversy taking over the social media app is not what you would expect. The whole reason for this uproar is about 10-year-old girls coming into Sephora and buying everything. Some of you may be asking, "What's so wrong with that?"

They are also leaving the store as a complete mess afterward.

The videos about this, made by older girls and women telling horror stories of what happened to them when they encountered these 10-year-olds, are insane! A lot of these older women just want the answer to one simple question: why are these young girls doing this? These girls, barely above the age of 10, are buying products such as retinol serums and anti-aging creams. I asked senior Cheree Holcomb what she thought about this, and she said, "I think they are ruining their skin, and it's not fair, too, that they are buying all the products made for older women."

This is not just happening in Sephora - it is happening in any store that has a makeup section. To some, it is ridiculous. Why would these young girls need products like that? These girls are young and do not need to be messing with makeup yet. More importantly, though, they are not leaving any for the older women who either need it or just want to try new products like that.

There is also the whole other mess where they are coming into the store and taking free samples and disposable makeup brushes to create “skincare smoothies," which is mixing different products and leaving them for customers or employees to find. Senior Korrie Mae Morris had an interesting solution for this problem. She said, "We should ban them from Sephora. It would absolutely be better for everyone."

People on TikTok are outraged at these young girls and what they are doing. Not only are the customers tired of it, but the workers and companies are tired of it. Sephora has already implemented a new rule that customers must be 16 to enter the store. The main problem, in my opinion, is that parents need to do a better job of taking care of their kids in public places. So Parents: please watch your children!

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