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The Great Winter Blizzard of '24

The small town of Amory, MS, along with most of the South, was hit with a vicious ice storm over the week of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, causing students to not have school and be stuck in the house. The ice storm occurred on January 15, 2024, and covered a lot of the areas surrounding the city of Amory. It caused many working adults to be stuck in their houses as well. I felt bad for the states north of us that got snow pretty bad and still had it over a week later. I enjoyed staying in the house and not having school. At least, until I started to get bored and wanted to enjoy being outside without falling. Staying in the house for that week made me think of when the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic hit, and we couldn't go anywhere. 

I interviewed some of my classmates about the storm, and these were some of their comments. My first interview was with Brooklyn Jackson, and she stated, "It stopped me from seeing lots of loved ones within the new year, and I couldn't go to work. I also couldn't even walk outside without constantly falling. I kept getting ice on my pants!" My next interview was with Ta'nysia Williams, who stated, "I was very bored, and even though I enjoyed being out of school, I missed my friends." Dealing with this ice storm caused several of us to feel sad and uncomfortable because we had to stay in the same place for a week. 

The forecasters predicted close to the end of January that there will be another ice storm occurring sometime in mid-February. We are all hoping that we will not be out of school for as long as we were. Hopefully, if this ice storm does occur we can be able to go places like work, school, and friends houses without slipping and sliding everywhere. We most definitely do not want to have to make up these days in June!

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