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Beyond the Darkness

That night seemed as if it was going to last forever.

I had been traveling the mountain path for days, and decided to set up camp in a dense, dark forest. I swiftly gathered wood for a fire, as the sun was setting. I quickly fell asleep from the exhausting journey.

I was awakened midway through the night, startled by some leaves. As I awoke, I noticed the fire had grown weak. It was cold, but I lay in silence for a moment. I begin to wonder what could have moved those leaves. My mind began to fill with visions of horrors which could live beyond the darkness.

As I looked onward from the dying flame, I felt something. I felt a sense of undying fear wash over my body. I attempted to sit up, but I could not move; I was frozen. It was as if my entire body was paralyzed, and my body wasn't mine anymore.

I could do nothing. I watched the fire leave, and as the final touch of heat had left my body, I realized there was darkness, and nothing more.

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