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Why We Love AHS Dance

The roar of the crowd, the friday night lights, the cheerleaders flipping, the band blasting melodies, and the football players getting yelled at by their coaches. You may ask yourself, “What is missing from this almost perfect description of an AHS football game.” Well, it’s the AHS Dance team of course!

The AHS Dance team is known for their glittery uniforms, eye-catching smiles, and upbeat dances. They, alongside the cheerleaders, dance on the sidelines so that they can hype up the crowd. There are many reasons to love the AHS Dance team such as:

Their Spirit

With a smile on their face and a shimmy in their hips, the AHS Dance team overflows with spirit. AHS Dancer Gabrielle Terry stated “I think that the AHS Dance team shows their spirit by how much dedication we put into our performances. We practice almost 4-5 times a week during game week and it is always worth it to perform at the end of the week and cheer on our panthers.” The Dance Team puts in a lot of effort to perform for students, football, and all of the citizens of Amory and that speaks volumes for their level of spirit.

Their Teamwork

The saying “Teamwork makes the dream-work” is nothing but a word to the AHS Dance team. The dancers not only have to work with each other, but they also have to work alongside AHS Cheer, Band, and Football. Dance, Cheer, and Band work together during pep rallies and at the games. AHS Junior Amar’e Brown stated “I really admire how they are able to work with cheer and band in order to spread spirit throughout the school and community.”

In conclusion, The AHS Dance team is loved by the Amory community. They are amazing at hyping up the panthers and working alongside the band and cheer. We love the dance team because they continue to spread panther magic with the use of their spirit, teamwork, and many other amazing attributes.

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