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Why Christmas is My Favorite Holiday

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I like Christmas because during this time of year, it’s starting to get cold, and nature begins to look white with snow. I also like Christmas because I get to spend time with my family and friends. This time each year is always the best. You can go caroling, bake cookies, and even go snowboarding. Many people take family vacation trips, which are the best!

Christmas time has always been nostalgic for me. Every year, the family members that you may see every once in a while comes down from different states and cities, and you all get to have a good time. My family loves to play many Christmas games and have a Christmas party. One thing my family and I love to play is Dirty Santa.

How do you play Dirty Santa, you may ask? Well, the game starts off by drawing numbers and pulling one out of a hat. The person who draws number one starts first, and then, they select a gift from the pile. When they open the gift and show it to everyone, then a person who draws number two can decide whether or not they want to steal the gift from person number one or pick a new one from the pile. You repeat this until all gifts have been claimed

Once we’re done playing games, we decorate the tree afterwards. Decorating the Christmas tree is what brings families together. It is filled with love and excitement. It is a cherishing moment and a memory I will forever love to do when I have my own family. The Christmas season is marked by another great aspect - Christmas movies. The movies this time of year are my favorites because they are romantic and filled with love.

The whole month of December is a great time of year because you can wear cozy fur jackets and drink hot cocoa. I wouldn’t replace the month of December for anything in this world because it is a time where you can love people and feel loved in return.

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