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What is Christmas?

Christmas is a well-known Christian holiday celebrated each year on December 25th. Celebrated all across the world and famous for its decorations and Santa Clause, Christmas marks Jesus Christ's birth observed as a cultural and religious celebration. Even though it is celebrated across the entire world there are differences in the way each nation celebrates this date.

Christmas takes a lot of preparations so people get a Christmas break to celebrate it with their family and friends. Some preparing starts early so the celebration can start on Christmas eve. People usually buy decorations, gifts, and food mostly for children of the family. The most popular decor traditions are Christmas trees, which bring the Christmas spirit into the homes of the families. Presents are placed under the tree but are not to be opened until Christmas day.

Christmas is a time for love, giving, and having a good time with friends and family. Through Christmas we know that Jesus birth is the beginning of great things in the world. Christmas in such is a festival which people from all religions and faith celebrate worldwide. It gives everyone the opportunity to think about nature and the reason for our existence. It is the most celebrated holiday in the world and will continue to be celebrated each and every year.

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