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What does Christmas mean to you?

This question can be a very hard question for many to answer, but not to me. I think about this question every year about this time and there is truly only one answer. Christmas is a time of joy, a time to spend with your family and friends. Many believe that this holiday is just for the presents you wake up for but it's not. This holiday is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with the people you love most.

One thing that me and my family do to celebrate this holiday is exchange. With exchange, you buy one gift for everyone and it is not allowed to be over a certain amount of money. This way every person in the household feels special for receiving a gift from each person. This gift normally is not over $20 just because it's not about the size or the amount it cost, it's about how the other person feels to be celebrated as well.

This is what Christmas means, sharing the love with everyone you love. Other people have their own traditions and we have ours and we believe that there is no other way to spend Christmas because everyone should feel loved on such a special day.

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