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What are your goals for the year?

“What are your goals for the year?” Every teacher says at the beginning of the year. Most of us don’t take this seriously, and we just write something random. Even though I don´t take them seriously sometimes like I should, but I'm writing this article. We all think it’s dumb sometimes to plan out goals, but maybe that’s something we should start to take more serious.

Let’s face it, we're all growing up and getting ready to graduate, so it’s time for us to get more serious and start thinking about what we want to do in life and the accomplishments we want. The time is closer than you think, especially for seniors. Goals can be a lot more helpful than you think. When you write down goals and you see them everyday, you will constantly be reminded of what you want for yourself. Doing so might make you more determined, and cause you to care more about it. When you make goals they can be for anything. They can help lead you to a big thing in life, or something as small as having a better day.

When you want to accomplish something big, it might be better to not just write that exactly. You can write it as your overall goal, but it can be more effective to break it down into sub-goals. For example, say you want to become a doctor. Your first goal should be something along the lines of ¨ focus more on science, math, and communication skills¨. Then you might want to say finish your classes with A's and B's, and so forth and so on. Basically try to make little goals that will eventually lead you to that overall goal.

Now of course just writing down goals isn't going to make the goals work out. In order for these goals to work out, you have to put work into them. You have to actually take the steps and things it takes to complete it. Dedication and determination is required to make these goals work out.

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