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Tips for the ACT

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

By: Paxton Wall

The ACT is a lot of things. It's a test, a challenge, and a headache. It can be very difficult to do well on this test for some. With the recent ACT test that we've taken, I've learned some things about the ACT that might help with taking the test.

The first part of the test is english. If you have taken Mrs. Miller's class, I'd suggest to follow her strategies for it. I think it's best to only read the passage when required, and mainly stick to the questions.

The second part of the test is math. I am not very good at the math section, but I do know some things about it. The first thirty questions are easier than the latter half of the test, so focus on getting those thirty right. Then, go through the last thirty and do any problems you think you can solve quickly and easily.

The third part of the test is reading. This section can trip you up if you spend too much time reading. To prevent this, I suggest that you read the questions before you read the passage. It can be quicker if you know what to look for when going into the passage.

The fourth part of the test is science. This test has a deceptively short time limit. You'll most likely be tired at this point too. If you aren't careful you will run out of time. The best strategy I've used is to read the questions first, as in reading.

With another ACT coming up in March, I hope that you can put these strategies to good use.

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