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Thought of Death

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

The thought of exploring the world took my mind to a different universe. I dreamed of things that no one ever really thought of.

As I stepped out of the door, the universe I once dreamed of was there right in front of me. Something was not right about this universe. The darkness hits my mind with the terror of a child screaming for help. That was not the world I wanted or even dreamed of.

It was the dark side, the side I feared the most

All I could see was people walking around frightened from any noise heard. I started walking around trying to figure out what was going on. It was like people couldn't see me. I started wondering about the possibilities of me dreaming all of this.

I tried to approach the citizens that I could reach but they all ran away with fear or just ignored me. I have been walking for 5 hours. I didn't even realize how dark it had gotten.

Hunger, thirst, and confusion was all I could feel and think of. I went back to my house but the door was locked. No type of noise could be heard in the house. I decided to keep walking in the dark, cold night.

This kid came up to me and surprisingly he did not seem scared to approach me. He looked like he was 7 or 8 years old. Dark curly hair with green eyes and a tan skin color. He tried speaking to me but I could not understand.

I asked him what his name was he answered, “Joaquin Ferrais”.

He kept on trying to communicate, “ Eu perdi minha família faz 4 horas atrás eu não encontro eles por nenhum lugar, eu te peço por favor, me ajude”.

I asked him if he could understand and he shook his head yes. I told him to follow me. As we walked by people were looking at us in a weird frightened way. I wish we could understand each other. Joaquin seemed to know what was going on.

He was trying to take me somewhere so I just followed him instead. We walked for about 30 minutes and finally arrived, the terror just keeps getting worst. We ended up at the house with the locked door. It was the same house but weirdly in a different location. He opened the door, as we walked through I felt the cold dry air hitting my face. I could see how frightened he was. He took me to the kitchen in the direction of a cabinet. Joaquin searched and searched and finally pulled out a map.

I asked him where the map could take us and he said, “ No Cementerio Da Luz”.

For some odd reason I knew what that was. He was talking about a cemetery .

Joaquin took a knife out and said, “me segue”.

Me not knowing what he meant by that just stood there awkwardly. He pulled my hand to follow him making me drop something from the counter, it was a picture of my family. Why is a picture of my family here?

We walked for 3 hours and the town was empty with only the sound of the wind hitting the trees. We finally saw people and Joaquin called their name out. It was my parents but they did not recognize me. My mom was holding a bouquet of flowers.

I couldn’t just stand there. I started talking but no answer came out of them. They started walking so I followed them. There is something terribly wrong here. Why can’t my parents recognize me? Why are they speaking a different language? So many questions with no answers.

They signal me to follow them but I hesitated for a minute. Slow walking down the road with the wind getting colder by the seconds. It felt like we were walking for 2 hours but seemed to get nowhere. We had 1 hour left or at least that is what I understood. They were mumbling something and pointed forward.

There it was the cemetery, Cementerio Da Luz. The environment seemed damp and cold, but I could feel the heat run through my body. Joaquin took my arm, taking me deep into the woods of the cemetery. The parents disappeared into the mist as we kept getting further and further.

We have been walking for about 30 minutes. My heart was racing, my mind was numb.

I tried stopping Joaquin but he said, “ O que você vai ver pode te assustar mas é necessário. Não faça mais perguntas no final você vai entender tudo”.

I stared at him clueless.

We finally were out of the woods. There were more tombstones but not as many as the other side of the woods. They were there, but how did they get here before us? The parents were staring down at a tombstone. Mom put the flowers down with tears rolling across her cheeks. Joaquin pulled my arm and signaled me to follow him. He took me to the tombstone. My eyes couldn't believe it. It’s me! How is this possible! My body was in that was me!

The shock triggered me to collapse. I woke up in a hospital surrounded by doctors. In the far corner were my parents. They came up close to me and asked what happened. Apparently I have been in a coma for a year. I felt my mom's tears falling on my hand as she held them. Next thing I see is them again. I was back in the dark world. With Joaquin, but Joaquin did not look like himself anymore. I was me as a child.

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