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The Super Mario Bros Movie Review

By: Paxton Wall

The Super Mario Bros Movie came to theaters recently, welcomed by mixed critic reviews. I went to see the movie last Friday, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd like to explain some pros and cons about the movie, and attempt to explain the critic reception.

The movie was entertaining, to say the least. It had lots of great action scenes. It was also chock full of references to the source material. It didn't have many deep character moments, but it didn't really need any. The movie was meant to be a fun and exciting experience, and I think it hit this mark.

I only had two main problems with this movie. One, the movie was shorter than most Triple A movies. This caused the second problem I have with the movie. Its pacing was all over the place. Some scenes could have benefited from having extra time dedicated to them, and some characters could have used more scenes.

All in all, I really enjoyed this movie. I think that it is definitely not a movie for critics, as scores would show. It's a solid and enjoyable movie, and is worth a watch. I give the Super Mario Brothers Movie an 8/10.

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