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The Singing Dragon of Ibushian Island

A lone squid was stirring on the beach of Ibushian Island, collecting shells on the beach they crashed on. The squid was called Beddi. She sniffled and sobbed quietly as she continued to collect the shiny and pretty shells. She sat in the waves to clean the precious items… till she heard a melody. A sweet and comforting melody that reminded her of home. Slowly, Beddi stood and wondered after the melody with her shells in tentacle. Drifting sluggishly through the forest brush and timidly entering a clearing stood a massive dragon with shimmering scales. The scales sparkled and glittered in the moonlight with a violet and blue tone, its spine lined with large spikes that looked almost black in the night. Its tail was twice its own body length and had purple flames spewing from the tip as if it were a mouth. The head of the large monster was shark and snakelike, fangs taunted enemies and prey with a fierce white as its eyes glowed a bright sapphire blue. The dragon was producing the sweet melody… it was singing and seemingly distracted with its song. Too distracted to see Beddi slowly approaching to touch its scaled skin.

Slowly, quietly, and gently, Beddi touched the beast’s side. However, instead of attacking or fleeing, the dragon calmly looked at Beddi with curious eyes. Beddi was entranced with the beauty of its scales and hardly noticed the melody stopped and the beast was looking at her. The beast lifted a claw and seemed to be ready to strike before gently pressing it on Beddi’s tentacle. She moved it away as the violet dragon stood and stretched.

Beddi stared… before speaking, “What are you?”

The dragon stopped and turned its head slightly, answering with a feminine and soft voice, “A Dragon.”

“Dragon… where is your horn?”

“It fell off.”

“Fell off?”

“Yes, a new one will grow in its place. What are you?” The dragon lowered its sharp face to Beddi to better hear her.

Beddi stepped back, a little nervous to see such a large beast in front of her, “A Kraken… My name is Beddi.”

“A Kraken… so small?”

“This isn’t the biggest I can get, I can get much bigger…” Beddi was still hesitant towards the dragon. However, the dragon was still gentle and whispered to not frighten the small squid.

“I don’t have a name,” the dragon sighed a little, “Could you give me one?”

Beddi thought for a moment… before holding up one of the shells she collected before. A brightly striped conch shell that had a little hermit crab hidden inside. “Conch?”

“Conch…” the dragon repeated, “Conch… it's nice. My name is Conch.” The dragon laughed a little and smiled gratefully at Beddi. By now, the dragon was laying down again.

Beddi went quiet for a moment, before complimenting the dragon, “Your scales… they are shiny.”

“Ah… I cleaned them only an hour ago. Do they really look that good?” Conch replied softly. Beddi nodded and tried to touch Conch’s face to feel the scales on her cheek. Conch let her, before lifting her head and plucking a loose scale off her side. Gently, she handed it to Beddi.

“Keep it,” Conch said with a smile, “for being so kind and giving me a name.”

“Are you sure?” Beddi asked as she held the violet scale.

Conch simply nodded, “You should get back to your camp, the sun is coming up."

Beddi was still focused on the scale, “Will you…” when Beddi looked up to talk to Conch again, the dragon was nowhere to be seen. She looked around a bit before starting to head back to the lonely island camp she had set up to rest at.

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