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The Odyssey Of Love

1 If we were ever to meet again, I’d surely we.

2 If every man were like you, then thee.

3 If I was your wife, I would make you the happiest man.

4 Compare my hand to your hand and feel my love, I know you can.

5 I prize my love with you, like I prize my love with gold.

6 Or if all men were like you, I would still choose you to hold.

7 My love for you is something no man could take away, Thy love for you is such you can no way repay;

8 The heavens reward thy manifold, I pray.

9 My love is such to much that rivers cannot quench,

10 Nor ought but love from giving recompense.

11 That while we live, in the affection of love

12 That when we live no more, may our love be passed on by doves.

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