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The Negatives

Are mobile phones a waste of your time or do you consider them a necessity? There have been numerous discussions on how mobile phones can be an advantage or disadvantage. Mobile phones have a greater portion of negative activities than positives. People utilize cell phones in numerous contrasting ways. For instance ,communication, research, and other social activities. This variety of technology requires maturity and responsibility. On the other hand, JavaTPoint observes that “Mobile Phones and even everything have their own limitations and benefits, so it is entirely up to the user how they use them”. Part of these activities can be helpful but it also can become an immense distraction in daily life.

One of the biggest problems with mobile phones is the squander of time. JavaTPoint clarifies that “Students want to play games, watch movies, listen to songs, and other kinds of entertainment that waste their precious time.” Adding to this, not only do students struggle with their time on mobile phones but most of the population does as well. Mobile phones can be exceptionally helpful with studies and research, which is one of the advantages. Even though it can be helpful, one research can turn in the direction of an addicting trait.

Even though phones can be used for safety and communication, these activities can result in major interruptions. They can also lead to physical and mental health issues, peculiar for younger people. Once one owns a cell phone they have to make a choice to use it for maturity or for a distraction. Although cell phones can be used for ethical resources, in addition, it can cause major issues in daily life.

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