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The first Amory High School football team was created in 1919 where they competed on Longenecker Field. The team coach was Arthur Scruggs from 1919-1925. The Amory Panthers have had 107 seasons. 67 winning seasons and 30 losing seasons.

Amory’s longest rivalry is against the Aberdeen Bulldogs. They’ve played 89 games, Amory winning 51 and Aberdeen winning 39. The Panthers have entered district playoffs 13 times, the most recent entry was 2021 which was really big for our school. Head coach Brooks Dampeer entered his first season at Amory and helped lead them to the district match. Currently, the Amory’s football team is in season and with a record of 2-1. The next game is against North Pontotoc in a Non-Division game. Last year, Amory brought a win home scoring 38 to 7. This season, the Panthers are hoping to bring the district championship back home and be better than they were the previous years. We have to bring spirit and cheer them on all the way through.

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