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The Endless Tea Day

So simple,

So basic,

So easy to learn.

A pot filled with water, placed upon a stove

to warm up and

waiting for the whistle to blow,

pour it into a cup. This way of life,

has become


Stuck in this room,

with no others

with no exit, there is a window it is a reminder of something.

But is not an exit,

it has become a mirror

of oneself. Day by day,

the mirror has changed. How does one simple thing, change an individual, so drastically. Is the window lying to I or is it the sad truth of the model?

Simple is not peaceful,

This task has become the opposite. What is the opposite


Stuck in a box, with only tea to drink.

This simplicity is madness

or is it madness is simplicity.

At its core is both

mind and soul.

I will not admit this is the truth

It is better to believe in a lie,

Than the truth. Choose to leave or to stay in this place

it will not make a difference in the end.

We all will face this dilemma and embellish it.

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