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The Decline of Human Expression and Rise of Our AI Overlords.

In the past few months, robots have started their inevitable invasion, starting with the takeover of the industry. AI artist has begun their uprising, taking number 1 trophies in art competitions made for humans and jobs across America. AI-generated art is easy to create. All a person needs to do is type in a prompt and art style. In seconds the desired art is created. Rather than the days or weeks of professionals with high fees, you can just get your needed art from a computer.

AI is soon to take the job of artists and animators around the globe. Look in California where fast food can be run by robots for substantially cheaper than human labor. AI recently have been able to perfectly recreate conversations between celebrities. On listening it's impossible to tell what is real and what is fake.

AI will soon take the jobs of musicians and Grocery store employees. Who’s to say that they won't take the roles of Lawyers, Judges, or juries, after all, wouldn’t it be more efficient for the justice system to be ruled by something that can not make mistakes? Recently there have been robot police officers heavily equipped and ready for the high-octane crime. Why not make them handle petty crimes as well? The public opinion of cops has been drug through the mud, why not make a robot that doesn’t see a civilian for their race or social standing?

AI can already write movies and poems. Believe it or not, AI journalism has had an uprising, they can write articles and do research faster, more efficiently, and possibly overall better than any human alive. Game journalism has already been taken over by AI journalists, how long till they write an article just like the one presented right here?

Industrial greed is the reason for the loss of jobs. Its cheaper for a robot. What ever happened to providing jobs for the people? Whatever happened to human expression? The main heads of industry lack humanity and give their robot brethren jobs instead. Seems like that is what it takes to be a billionaire today.

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