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Spread Kindness

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Social media is the perfect place to lift up other people, so why use it to tear them down? Just recently several knew apps have been released in hopes of helping people gain confidence back with themselves. Gas and BeReal are both perfect places to be kind and compliment others.

The main focus of BeReal is to help people gain back confidence in their looks by taking a picture of the front and back camera at a certain time every 24 hours. There are no filters involved so you cant change the way you look digitally. This helps with the "Snap chat Filter dis-morphia", which is thinking your ugly without a filter. On Gas you can vote different people from your school or others as things like "best glow up", "they're more refreshing than water", and "if they were cloned, they'd still be one of a kind." These are great examples in spreading love and kindness to others through social media, instead of leaving cruel things in people's comments, or messages.

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