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Senioritis? We know ALLLLLLLLLLLL About It!

As everyone knows, senioritis hits like crazy the second juniors come back as seniors in the fall. There isn't much that anyone can say to a senior who is just over it entirely. This debilitating disease can even make it hard for senior to listen! Don't worry; "Senioritis" is common, normal, and easily treatable. After so many years in school, eventually it hits that you made it so far and are almost done. So, you basically take a back seat to school (which is not a good thing). So, here are some good tips to try to stay motivated:

The first tip is to keep up with deadlines! Try to be done with all your easy assignments that you know you can do before its time for the hard ones. That way, you feel like you can get them done a little easier. If you have a week to do one assignment and two days for another, get the one that's due sooner done first. You could also stay organized with a planner or set dates on your calendar. Make it a habit to check your planner frequently so you don't miss anything. If you use your calendar on your phone, though, make sure to turn on those notifications!

The second tip is that if you choose to go to college, keep it at the front of your mind all the time. Colleges can and will revoke acceptance and scholarships if you are failing. Your grades have to stay up. Remember, even if everything goes right and you go to college to play sports, you still have to have a back up plan. Not all players go pro, and pros will eventually retire. A good, solid education is helpful to living the life you want!

The most important tip yet is to just go to school. It is so easy for all your days to run together, and it feels like school is never over - but you still have to go. Missing class time causes bad grades. You can't complete work you don't know about, and you can't pass it if you weren't there to learn it. It is so easy to build a habit for bad attendance, and if it continues into college, you could fail very expensive classes.

Everyone has things in school they just don't understand, like commas or exponents, but you still have to try. Ask yourself after every lesson if you truly understand it. It's never embarrassing to ask questions - it's more embarrassing to just not try. If you just can't focus, remember your goals. If you don't have goals, set some, but make them achievable. Then, celebrate it every time you complete one.

School is a part of everyone's life, and it will be a part your own personal story. You can make any decision you want, so make them good. Don't let graduation day scare you; be prepared for it. Don't let the days fly by either; enjoy every second of such a huge chapter of your life.

Don't let life get ahead of you - stay motivated!

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