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In the realm of whispers and tales untold.

Where rumors dance like secrets bold,

They flutter and float on tongues aflame,

Spreading like wildfire, with no one to blame.

A hushed conversation, a passing remark,

A kernel of truth, or a lie in the dark,

Rumors take flight, they soar through the air,

Gaining momentum, with each eager share.

They twist and they turn, like a tangled thread,

Growing in strength , they´re as widely spread,

From person to person, they swiftly move,

Taking on new shapes, as they subtly groove.

In the blink of an eye, they can change their form,

From a harmless whisper to a dangerous storm,

They can lift you up or tear you apart,

A double-edged sword, playing with your heart.

But amidst the chaos, there´s a lesson to learn,

To question and doubt, before you discern,

For rumors can deceive, like a mirage in sight,

Leading down a path that´s far from right.

So let us be cautious, let us be wise,

Not to believe every rumor that flies,

Seek the truth, with an open mind,

For in understanding, clarity we find.

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