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Rabbids Party Returns - Video Game Review

Rabbids Party Returns is a party game that was released on December 6,2007, and published by Ubisoft. It is the second in the Rabbids (Rayman Raving Rabbids) series. The story involves Rayman going on a trip to various countries with the rabbids to foil there dastardly plans. The story is really here and gone because in the opening, what you see is all there is about it. Still, you have to put together what's going on and really play it to progress.

First off, there is a trip mode in the game where you go through countries and regions around the earth, like the U.S, Europe, Asia, South America, and the tropics to play random, timed mini games. You will play all kinds of mini games, ranging from hiding your cell phone so the movie guard will not see you to flipping hamburgers to get them to the customers.

These mini-games are pretty decent for what they are. They're not groundbreaking but pretty alright. I am not a fan of the musical mini games because while the controls are not bad, they drag on for too long. The last mini-game we beat was a pretty lame way to end it off. Overall, though, the mini-games are alright. (Note: some minigames are repeated just with a different look.)

Then, there are the arcade games, where it's mostly a first-person shooter who shoots rabbids and health packs. This mode is decent, but the only bad thing I can say is it can get a bit repetitive at times. In the game, you can customize your character, like their costumes and looks. Most costumes are references to popular characters from movies, other video games, and television, like Spongebob, Spider Man, and Indiana Jones. You unlock these costumes by getting high scores in trip mode. You can also customize the trip mode and create your own trips using the mini-games you have played. One of my favorite parts is to listen to the music you unlocked by playing the music mini-games.

Final Verdict: I can definitely say that this is slightly better than the first one because the controls work a little better and the minigame premises are more interesting. The musical minigames are more tolerable and easy to play as well. Plus, the graphics look a little better and have more content compared to the first one. Overall, I thought this game was okay and decent for what it is.

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