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Purple Hearts

“Hey, Frankie. I think Cassie Salavar is my best friend.” - Luke Morrow. Purple Hearts is an original Netflix film that captures the problems of Luke Morrow and Cassie Salavar. Each fighting their own battles, they decide to break the rules. Cassie is a hard-loving singer/songwriter who finds herself marrying a marine trainee for military money. With Cassie being diagnosed with diabetes and Luke needing to pay off money to a past drug dealer, they get married. As military police are on their backs, they have to make their love look realistic, even if they despise each other.

After each of them agree on the arrangement, he is shipped overseas. While he is gone, they have to make their relationship look real even when away from each other. As he gets screen time, they video chat with each other to make their love true.

She is working on getting her demo to a label and in progress, she creates a both memorable and heartfelt song for the soldiers. “Come Back Home” is about how the soldiers are fighting and how they need to come home to the people they love.

After Luke gets back from fighting, there is a problem. He gets into an accident and has surgery, sadly he has other news for Cassie. While recovering, Luke is forced to move into the apartment with Cassie. His dad and brother come to get him for physical therapy and that's when another problem arises. This whirlwind romance bodes well for a rainy afternoon.

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