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Pros and Cons of Technology at School

Throughout the growth of technology through the years, schools have decided to improve technology and supply it to their students. Students love the new technology and teachers love how easy they have made it for assigning assignments and putting in grades. They have made it easier to grade and score tests to get grades into active student faster.

Within the confines of the classroom and learning environment, technology can be both beneficial and problematic. The use of technology has distracted students from doing what they were assigned instead of waiting until the assignment is turned in. This is a big problem worldwide for teachers. Administrates have come up with some solutions with the creation of website blockers, internet filters, and closed supervision. Some say it has also decreased the level of creativity for smaller children because many technology-based games and activities are pre-made, allowing children to complete activities without using creativity or imagination.

The positive side of using technology in school prepares students for their futures. Being that the world is finding new ways to use technology every day, using it in school helps the understanding of technology and prepares you for success in primary and secondary education. It is never too young to build the knowledge and understanding of technology to carry through educational and professional careers. Technology for children can also be very exciting and fun. So using technology helps them build excitement and prepares them for traditional learning experiences.

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