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Pros and Cons of having a Job

Having a job as a teen has a thousand pros and cons. Is it a great way to spend your time? Maybe. Is it a horrible way to spend time? Also maybe. Honestly, there are plenty of arguments that could be made for high school students with jobs, so lets talk about it.

On the pro side having a job as a teenager builds character. I can say that because it has for me personally, as most of my points I agree with because I have been in the situation. Having a job and going to high school keeps my days busy. I make money, plenty for sure; but even a little money is better than none. Personally it's all about the money, which is normal for teenagers, but I love that my parents don't have as much control over me. As well as the fact that most people don't care for asking for money, and parents that are pressed for cash aren't going to let their kids do as many things that cost money. Sports events and going to fun places like movie theaters, and bowling alleys can sometimes be out of the options because of it. It adds responsibility that young adults need, relying on parents for ever wont get anyone very far. Having a job as a high school student broadens horizons and teaches life lessons.

Lets not forget the cons though, of course. Negative things are easier to think of, it took me 15 minutes to think of good things and I just went in circles, but only like 10 for bad things. That's typical for a teenager though, it's way easier to complain. Having a job takes up so much time, especially when I could be doing something fun. Teenagers naturally would rather be lazy than do something productive, or anything that requires much work. At least that's how I am , I would much rather be with my friends or at home than be at work. Typically high school students would rather be at sports games, or even study than go to work. Lets not forget the money you make, but there is a catch, when you make more money you spend more money. Its hard to keep money when its coming in, you know how much you can spend when you know you won't run out. So aside from being broke, and having no time, you stay tired. Working until at least 9 every night after school gets tiring. After being at school for 8 hours then working around 4, you sleep good at night if you ever get in the bed. My biggest problem is I don't feel like doing anything on my days off, I come home and go to sleep every single day.

Of course there are good and bad things about everything, it depends on what you choose. That's life of course, everything is based on your choices. You can choose a job or not a job, time or money, character or laziness. The choices you make will make you or break you and it doesn't just have to do with having a job. I would recommend having a job though, the experiences you have will last way longer than being tired, and you can always ask off for certain events. But once again there are pros and cons to everything!

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