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New Starry Soda Review

The new Starry soda, by Pepsi Co recently released January 11, 2023, was created to replace the similar tasting soda sierra mist. Starry was created to have a stronger presence against Sprite. Pepsi stated that they will stop making Sierra Mist because it was not competing well enough with sprite.

According to the Pepsi Company, "Starry hits different, "delivers the crisp, refreshing bite consumers have been longing for in the lemon lime flavored soda category." The new soda is also available nationwide with a zero sugar option. Tasters say it is optimally sweet and a perfect balance between lemon and lime. Without an overpowering carbonation.

The new soda comes in bottles and cans of various sizes. Despite the eye catching bright colored packaging the drink isn't labeled as strong. On social media the Starry reviews seem to be generally positive. Even sierra mist lovers have been taking the new pretty well.

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