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My Journey

Over the years of school, I have not once enjoyed reading. Any books or articles that would be assigned for school, I never found interesting. That is until this one author came to my school's attention. Colleen Hoover’s book has caught many of my peers and fellow classmates' attention and has made me rethink the idea of reading. I have discovered a new hobby and not once I thought it would be this.

While reading, I have finished Confess, Ugly Love and Layla. As of right now, I am in the middle of It Ends With Us. I started reading about a month ago and that's how much I have read. I haven’t been able to put her books down and I've really enjoyed what I have been reading and I eventually will be reading all of her books and keeping this journey of mine going.

With this experience, it has made me think about what my life is like and how I can relate to the things she is writing about. I am certainly proud of what I have pushed myself to do and what I have learned to love. This is one thing that I will continue to do and love.

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