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My experience at the Robins Street Art-stroll 2022

This event was the first time I went somewhere to sell my art to customers, which made me a vendor for the first time as well; in the end, the experience was unique and fun for me. To be honest, I was worried about mainly two things: Being accepted by the customers and the other vendors and the logistics of actually selling my art pieces. I feared not gaining a reasonable enough profit to justify attending the event or even having the hope to continue selling my art as a vendor.

We first arrived at around 9:45 in the morning, which was late for set up, but we at least made it there right before the event opened at 10. We started setting up the canopy and tables, but we ran into problems because we had never set up a canopy before. In the picture to the left, my family and I struggled to set up the tent for the first time. We struggled through reading the directions, but eventually, we were all set up and ready to go.

Unfortunately, we scrambled to pick out the best paintings to display on the tables and we did not have our Venmo account set up, all of this sounds bad, but it was a worthwhile experience in entering the world of being a vendor.

Upon first opening the shop, people began to wander in and begin to skim through the various art pieces we had. Everyone’s attention was hooked on the cat painting. My family and I acknowledge how it was a good thing for bringing in customers, but was also hurting us at the same time because people were too fixated on the cat painting to observe the other art on display. We knew then that we needed to make haste to sell the cat painting.

Then, Melanie Deas came over to our booth. She introduced herself along with informing us of the upcoming parade in Tupelo, which was hosted on Oct 1 after two years of cancellation.

So with the cat painting gone people start to pay attention to the other paintings, so time

Melanie Deas was the first client. She passed on and I try to socialize with customers. m purchased the renowned cat painting.

My sister Megan also greeted customers as well and tried to lure in customers through conversation to entice them to buy a painting. At some point, we erected signs to advertise our prices, our online banking option, and a discount sale on our larger paintings. At times we would take turns partaking in the stroll while some of us remained to watch the booth. I pursued the other vendor’s merchandise and spoke with them. I asked them about their art and took their pictures so they can be memorialized in this event so my sister found me later and dragged me back to the booth, where we continued to sell more paintings. We managed to sell a total of ten paintings and made a fairly decent profit.

To all the vendors that made this event possible . . .

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