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Living Smoke

Smoke comes from a fire, doesn't it

people say fire is not alive,

what about the smoke

that comes from it,

Is it alive?

One can imagine it or is it a human that gives

It life with every puff

from cigars, cigarettes, and

even a pipe, there are others

Out there that can suffice. There was once a guy, that was born after the war of trenches. He had a talent,

on the surface,

He was normal to the eye.

There was hour, when he was not every time he'd smoke the fumes would come alive

World dance around and

reenact scenes from somewhere. On days of reenactment would be about the Great War,

on another day the shown demonstrates,

Love, Hardship, and Triumph

Most of this was done at the park.

One important to note about him

He did not do this for others.

The guy already had a job

a decent job at that.

Yes, it was dangerous and hazardous

never thought he could do street performance art.

One day when he was smoking outside a kid

Notice his smoke and ask him to do more

he told the child to beat it,

day after that more showed up

children, adults, and old people.

The children started calling him

“Born Of Smoke” or “Smoke Giver.” Now the world shows up everyday at the park to show off his talent,

many children and grownups

was impressed by him, even scientists baffled at his performance, but this only went on for so many years.

Before long he stop showing up

not at the park, not even appearing in the town

He disappeared, no one knew his real name. A newspaper was made about him

the headlines was “Smoke Giver Missing”

it was forgotten as soon as it was printed,

for something more important

then one individual.

The town people found out

he caught something, what was it, “Lung Carcinoma,” To the common people this is known as

“Lung Cancer.” On his deathbed, he whispered “My talent was not my downfall, though some may think it. Yes, it did end me slowly, I would prefer that any day to see people smile and enjoying themselves, Then to work at my job place full time, where I only saw sadness and dread. We didn't matter to them, they would have replaced any of us in a heartbeat. I chose this path and ending, therefore I am happy with my decision.”

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