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It's time to BeReal

Have you ever heard of the app "Be Real?” If you haven’t, "Be Real" is a new social media app that is taking over social media by a storm. "Be Real" was released in 2020, but gained popularity mid 2022 after going viral on Tik Tok. According to Google, the app now has over 21 million users. So how and why is this app different from all the other apps that teens across America use on a daily basis?

Imagine you just got a notification on your phone from the app. It says, “2 minutes to take your "Be Real!” You hold up your phone and snap a picture of your current situation. The app takes the picture from both your front and back cameras, and your "Be Real"' automatically posts to your page. There are no options for filters. The camera takes the picture exactly as you are in that moment. Another attribute of the app is that you can only post once a day when the app tells you to. Each "Be Real" is taken at a different random time in the day or night. It could be 12:00 in the afternoon or 10:30 at night. The next day, the previous "Be Real" that you take will disappear from your page.

Apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook all offer similar platforms. You are able to post whenever and whatever you want. Most teens prep for their picture, like fix their hair, make sure the lighting is good, add a filter etc. With "Be Real" you can’t do that. If you did not take your "Be Real" within the 2 minutes the app gives you, it will tell your friends that you were late posting it. It will also tell your friends how many times you took the picture. Another difference from other social media apps is your friends can interact with your post by reacting to it with a real time photo, instead of liking. There is also an option for commenting.

The app allows users to not only "Be Real" but also to be vulnerable and to show their true self. Lots of other apps often cause teens to compare themselves with filtered unrealistic pictures of celebrities and other friends. This can cause issues like low self esteem, envy, unrealistic expectations, and even sometimes depression. With "Be Real," the point is that everyone is being relastic with themselves and their friends.

So next time someone holds up their phone and says “Smile for my "Be Real!” Just know that you are appreacting a true moment in time and capturing your authentic self.

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