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As the Band marches onto the field, everyone in the crowd goes quiet. The band members, dressed in their all-black uniforms, have their backs turned toward the crowd, the bright lights of the football stadium shining down on them. Suddenly the big boom of the bass drums start, and the whole band turns around to start playing the classic song “Back in Black” by AC/DC.

The Amory High School marching band is one of the many great opportunities at Amory High school. Each year, the band directors and drum major create a 7-minute show to perform at half-time and to compete in several competitions. The band directors, Jeff Colburn, David Cuevas, and Will Pate, spend countless hours creating the show’s theme and selecting the music. Among other aspects, planning the show also involves picking music, transposing music so it’s suitable for all instruments, setting drills, and choosing flags and outfits for the Colorguard team. The band and band directors continuously put hard work and dedication into creating something unique and intriguing for people of all ages to enjoy.

This year, the band's show is called “Into The Light.” The storyline starts with darkness, mystery, and melancholy. Then proceeds to take the audience on a journey to a happy, upbeat, optimistic feeling. Featured music such as “Back in Black” by AC/DC and “Paint it Black” by The Rolling Stones, creates the dark theme. The show then transitions to music about sunshine, like “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beetles, and “Coming Out of the Dark,” by Gloria Estefan.

As the final notes of the last song ring through the stadium, the drum major, Gracelyn Johnson, closes her fists and lowers her arms-signaling the band is done. Each band member, the drum major, and the directors stand still listening to the cheer of the crowd, bright lights beating down on their faces knowing they have given it their all.

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