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Impact: What could such a word mean to me?

When thinking of something that made an impact in my life. I believe that there hasn't been anything that has changed my quality of life significantly. My life has been mundane when I look at it from an outside perspective. In contrast to me, who has done nothing but breeze by in life, others have changed the world in irreversible ways. Even if I had ever done something life-changing, it would only have been to make something effortless. In essence, I motivate every action to making this easier later down the line. That is to say if I were to have chosen something that has impacted my life, it would have to be foreign literature. Something, of lack of a better word, foreign that has expanded my knowledge of different cultures and their folklore. Having this knowledge has helped me to make more sound judgments when making life choices. Comparing my thoughts and actions to someone fictional in nature provides for more insight than one my think.

Other than foreign literature, the cellular device has also changed my life significantly. It has connected me to many different people with different mindsets. Watching videos from across the globe is also entertaining to the mind. I can stimulate my ability to think as well as problem-solve. While watching random science experiments, I can also work to find clarifications for them. Having access to a near infinite amount of information at the press of a button has changed how I learn overall. The internet has given me so many things, entertainment being the most important. If I hadn’t had access to the internet, it is a wonder as to what I would be able to do. Learning new things and trying new things is the only thing that interests me these days.

So when asked what has made a major impact on my life as of now, I would have to say the internet. Try as I might, without the internet I would certainly be bored with my life. As of late, I find it difficult to wake up in the morning. More so doing to my dreams being far more interesting than reality. Though despite this, I refuse to waste away in a dreamscape of my own making. I will continue to strive for impact. I will continue to question what it means. I'm sure the answer will come to me eventually.

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