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Halloween Do's and Don'ts

With Halloween being less than a week away , it seems to be fastly creeping upon us. Most of the students at AHS have already made plans and picked their costumes for the holiday. The majority of students will be going to Halloween parties and celebrations that will surely be fun, yet some-what dangerous. Here are a few Do's and Don'ts to stay safe and have fun this Halloween.

Don´t Drink and Drive!

High school parties are known for their loud music, dancing, and drinks. Don't attempt to drive under the influence because an accident could badly affect many lives. Of the number of car accident fatalities on Halloween night, 40% are due to drinking and driving, according to the NHTSA. Instead, stay away from the drinks.

Don´t Go Out Alone!

There are, on average, 17% more crime-related claims on Halloween, according to Travelers Insurance. A Northeastern University professor claims that violent crimes increase by as much as 50% on Halloween, which is two times the daily average. In order to avoid crazed-criminals, make sure to have a buddy or two by your side all night.

Do Watch Scary Movies!

Shockingly, scary movies are good for you. Kurt Oaklee, MA, MFT, founder of Oaklee Psychotherapy in San Francisco, stated “Horror can actually teach us how to handle real-world stress better.“ Scary movies can have you prepared for real life boogy-men!

Do Dress to Impress!

Halloween is only once a year, so you need to go all out with your costume. The more intricate the costume, the better it is. Dressing up offers an amazing reality break and stress relief. According to Karen Gill M.D. ¨Dressing up encourages creative thinking and communication skills, and their social skills in teens.” Taking the time to create a good costume can relieve stress and allow you to express your creativity.

In conclusion, Halloween is a fun time for all, but it is especially fun for AHS students. Us students often get blinded by the fun of parties and celebrations and forget that safety comes first. Make sure to follow these Do’s and Don’ts (along with other safety precautions) in order to have a fun and free-from-danger Halloween!

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