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Halloween is a time of celebration held in October. Halloween is spooky but it can also be fun. Halloween is celebrated on October 31st because that's when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth. During this time most children will go trick or treating. Trick or treating is when kids go to houses and the owners pass out candy. Halloween is 2,000 years old! The ancient Celtic festival of Samhain invented Halloween. At this time of the year you can make Jack-o-Lanterns, wear costumes, go trick or treating, go to haunted houses, watch scary movies, and also tell scary stories. There are many things to do during Halloween. Halloween is also a day where we remember the dead. It is now the second largest commercial holiday in the country. Around this time, most Americans spend money on candy, costumes, and decorations. Reese's Cups has been the most widely used candy for Halloween. Other different types of candy and caramel apples are popular during this time as well.

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