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Get to Know Our Nonteacher Staff

Our Local Custodian

One of our local custodians at Amory high school is Mr. Charles. He graduated from high school and attended college. He has been working here for 3 years. When he is not at school, he enjoys fishing and gardening. He is infatuated with Nascar. When questioned about our school's bathroom shenanigans, he said that our school was not as bad as others around here. It is almost as if every student body has bad apples. That's a different can of worms. He did want to stress how nice the staff and students are.

Our NEW nurse

Our new nurse, who may be new to some, is Mrs. Boyd. She has been a nurse since 1982, so it might be a little hard to find someone more qualified for the job. She retired years ago, but she heard that there was an open job opportunity at the high school. When she was a kid, she always wanted to be a teacher, but her mom talked her into nursing school. Her eyes widened at the opportunity to be able to work with the school system. In her freetime, she likes to play games on her phone. At every elongated break, she loves to go to her cabin she owns by the lake with her husband. You may have heard of her favorite movies and shows: Top Gun, Friends, and The Andy Griffith Show. She rarely listens to music; if she does, it will be a new age country. On a daily basis, she gets 13 to 15 visits a day for sick or injured students.

Our Local Lunch Ladies

Each lunch lady at our school is overqualified for their job, just like the nurse. I spoke to both Mrs. Kathy and Mrs. Rita, who I could tell were good friends. Mrs. Rita used to work at the Fulton hospital, as well as other schools before us, and Mrs. Kathy worked at multiple schools before Amory High. They both said that they love the area, kids, and staff when I asked them why they worked at Amory, but Mrs. Kathy stressed that the kitchen, environment, staff, and students were exponentially better than the schools that she had worked at previously. When Mrs. Kathy is not at school making sure nobody is hungry, she is at home babysitting, reading, or making fun crafts. When Mrs. Rita is not feeding us ungrateful (we need to say thank you more) children, she tends to her garden. Mrs. Rita loves shows like Chicago Fire, Med, and PD. Mrs. Rita watches shows like 911, and 911 Lonestar, which, in my opinion, attests to their likeness in that they watch the same type of shows. Mrs. Kathy adores the Wizard of Oz because she vividly remembers watching it with her father, but Mrs. Rita simply can not pick a favorite cause she watches too many movies. They both agree that they love country and gospel music more than any other genres. While I was interviewing them, they treated me with kindness and when I left, they gave me a brownie. When I was in the kitchen, Mr. Colburn was filling water coolers for after school band practice. They treated him with the same kindness and gave him a brownie, too. Mr. Colburn said that he knew that his brownie was the one made with love, but they STRESSED that all of the brownies were given a little dab of love right before they went in the oven.

When you walk through the doors, I hope that after reading this, you consider the faces you may not see every day. They work hard everyday behind closed doors to make sure your day at school is safe, clean, and delicious. Mr. Charles cleans up after every accident, student or teacher. Mrs. Kathy and Mrs. Rita feed almost every person, student, and teacher in the building. Mrs. Boyd deals with every sick, injured, or fake injured person in the school.

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