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Funky Cones Amory

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Funky Cones is the new ice cream parlor that's located on Main Street in Amory, MS. Around the time of its arrival (July 2023), I was in desperate need for a job. I saw that they were hiring, and I decided to apply to work here. It wasn't long before I got the job, and I have happily been there since. It is a very cheerful work environment. We greet our customers with "Welcome to Funky Cones!" each time they walk in. Everyone in the city was so excited about its arrival - and still is! It's honestly been non-stop busy since opening day.

Funky Cones sells ice cream in more ways than you can imagine. We sell it by itself in a cup or on top of our made-fresh waffle cones. We have several other delectable options such as shortcakes, sundaes, cookies, floats, milkshakes, and brownies (to name a few). You can also add and customize your toppings. My favorite menu item is the chocolate chip cookie dough with a half original waffle. The ice cream is really creamy with pieces of cookie dough and chocolate chips.

I asked the owner what made her and her family open up this business and she said, "It has always been our dream to open up our own running business, and we thought ice cream would be great for our ice cream lovers - especially in the spring and summer! We are so grateful for the support we have received and plan to have many more to come."

I think this was one of the best small business ideas to come to Amory's Main Street. It's a very positive place with a lot of creative and delicious items. It's great for adults to go out on dates, for kids to come and beat the summer heat, and for everyone else in between to just enjoy some good, quality ice cream. I highly recommend Funky Cones to all readers!

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