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Friday Night Lights

Get your poms poms and Panther spirit ready because football season is here! With the beginning of the school year comes football season. The AHS Football team has been working all summer, the band has begun learning their show and stand tunes, cheerleaders have been practicing their cheers, and dancers have been practicing their dances. Let’s not forget the parents who are also preparing. Everyone has been getting ready for football season all summer. Spirits are at an all time high, and AHS students are anxiously waiting for Friday.

Before football games, the students at Amory High School like to get into the spirits with many different traditions. On the mornings of the football game, the cheerleaders go to different schools in our district and sell ribbons and tattoos. Then, during the day, football players wear jerseys, cheerleaders and dancers wear Friday-appointed outfits, and students participate and wear black and gold. Some teachers even sported matching panther tattoos last week. On some Fridays, we have themes to help boost school spirit. Then at the end of the school day, we have our pep rally, where the band plays music, the cheerleaders and dance team perform their cheers and dances, and there are skits and plays from the dance team. After school, parents and others sit out and tailgate. Then, normally after home games, we have an after party, but Covid prevented that last year. This makes us even more thankful since we know what it’s like without it. The excitement is in the air, and I´ll be there!

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