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First In The Nation Part I

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

On July 23, 2022, students from Mrs. Adams’ teacher academy class traveled to Washington DC for a national convention in which her students represented the state of Mississippi. These students were Kylee Capps, Callie Beasly, Clare Price, Addi Knight, and Zoe Valsamakis. While all of these students did amazing in competition, Kylee and Callie outmatched everyone in the entire country with their children's book. Before they left DC they thought that they hadn’t even placed when in reality they have won first place in the United States.

During the competitions, there were soo many books that were turned in for review that they had to divide the submissions into two flights, flight A and flight B. The error came when the final scores were released without the scores for flight B, the flight in which Kylee and Callie were included. While this mistake made the Amory team think that they didn’t place, neither the team nor the school district as a whole blames the organization for this oversight. Everyone is just glad that the true scores were revealed and the team has received the recognition they deserve for their achievements. While it may have taken a bit longer than it should have the team is grateful for all of the support not only the school backed them when they thought that they hadn’t placed, but also the community supported them.

This article may seem negative at times, but it was written purely to highlight the great accomplishments of the student at Amory High School. We do not blame the committee that oversaw the placement at the competition but are grateful that they corrected the mistake.

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