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The dried tears that had stained her face, wiped away by her sleeve. The frown of which she wore beautifully, replaced with a smile that radiated throughout the entire room. How many times had she done this as of late? Crumple the notes that seemed to find themselves on her desk every morning, in a familiar handwriting that once held significance to her. Though her almost unfaltering face now stood clean and her unearthly smile that imbued the world with divine grace stood wide. Her eyes were as cold as any great blizzard. It truly makes one wonder as to what could make such a seraphic being cry. No, perhaps that question is a bit unfounded. As the only being that could make one such as her cry would have to be herself after all.

“She’s far more desperate than I first thought,” sighed the ethereal voice as she gazed at a pile of notes that lay within a basket opposite her desk. This voice belonged to the once crying goddess that stood in the room. Plastered on her face was a sadistic smirk that could enchant any man to damnation. The godlike woman then strode to her chair that was placed behind her desk. She sat crossing her legs that appeared to stretch across the heavens itself. Once more letting out a sigh, the angelic being turned upon her chair to face a window seemingly looking into pure darkness. Her reflection being the only thing visible within the window. A smile still lies upon her face frozen, the only difference being her eyes which seemed to convey the same enjoyment.

“Do you plan to continue contempting my existence even now?”, the Empyrean spoke in a condescending tone. “Nothing to say…well no matter,” she continued, “though nothing will change if you continue your little escapades no?” The room was soon suffused with silence as the Empyrean finished conversing with the disembodied presence with a knowing gaze. Her reflection reflected less and less of her form the more she gazed. Revealing a figure both figuratively and literally void of corporal disposition.


The Empyrean’s sadistic smirk was now replaced with an affable smile that would make anyone feel welcomed. Although there appeared to be no flaws within her god crafted smile, the porcelain that gave it form was visible only to those who observed closer. Shifting her gaze upon her desk, she glanced at her phone that was stationary upon it. It glowed with a white light, informing the Empyrean it had received a message. Though the phone belonged to her, that wasn’t to say it belonged to ‘her’. This fact didn’t stop the Empyrean from unlocking the phone using her thumb print. It didn’t register. Pondering for some time, the Empyrean directed her gaze upon her hand. A playful smirk subsequently appeared upon realizing a discrepancy on her fingernails. As one finger revealed a varying change as compared to the others. It was her pinky that had a dissimilar paint on it. Stretching her slender ebony pinky upon the home button, prompting it to open and reveal the home screen. Trailing her finger down the screen to reveal the previous message that had come from a Dr. Carter. The message read, “Good Morning Ms. Eden, the tests from your latest appointment came in. When you have time come see me in my office as this is something we must discuss in person. Have a good day Ms. Eden.” The message ended, and the Empyrean was left with not but a smile. However, before the Empyrean could fully bask in her enjoyment, the door swung open to reveal a pompous young man. To say he was made in the image of God would be an understatement. Though if you truly looked close you could see the horns that grew from his poised head.

The young man opened his mouth and spoke in a vexed tone, “What are you doing in my father’s office? That seat as well as this office belongs to me, so explain to me why the hell you're sitting in them?” The Empyrean’s face held no smile or even an expression. She had long since gotten used to being looked down upon by lessers. She spoke calmly to the boy, “This seat, office, as well as this company all belong to me according to your late father’s will. Meaning not only do you possess no power here, but you're not supposed to be here in the first place.” Her face retained the same indifference, but the face of the young man was not the same. Progressively turning bright red with anger, gnashing his teeth together in rage. Though this didn’t affect the Empyrean much as she had long stopped caring about the young man’s existence. This didn’t help his anger any as his eyes were now bloodshot with what seemed like blood trickling down them. The young man then yelled, “A DEMONESS SUCH AS YOU HAS NO RIGHT TO OWN THIS COMPANY!!” The young man’s heavily exaggerated breath spread throughout the room, much to the Empyrean’s dissatisfaction. Ignoring the boy before her, the Empyrean turned and began lighting the candles that lay upon her desk. Soon after a smell that was reminiscent of a cold winter's day permeated the room. It was a smell that made one feel as though they were truly there, as though they could see the snow falling from the clouds. Were one truly there instead of the familiar white snow one would be accustomed to, it would be darker than any night sky. It was a snow far colder than the void space. Coinciding with its appearance within the minds of those who smelt the candle, the room likewise began to get colder than before.


The cold flames illuminated the room casting a shadow on the young man’s face. His eyes burning far brighter than the candle, threatening to set the entire office ablaze. Despite this show of anger from the boy before her, the Empyrean thought not of the boy and turned to sit within her seat. Finally upon sitting down did she face the boy who had been causing a scene in her office. Her eyes were the coldest things within the room, quickly extinguishing the flames that permeated from the boy’s own eyes. The Empyrean wasn’t quick to speak, allowing the young man a moment to calm down before continuing. She frankly didn’t feel like dealing with the imbecilic man before her, but consequently she knew of someone far more capable than her at mediating someone's feelings as opposed to crushing them. Of which she would have done, if the child before her wasn’t the former chairman’s child. This fact alone made him hard to deal with, as there were still many within the company that wanted him to be the CEO. After all, anyone would prefer a figurehead that would act as their own puppet.

The Empyrean closed her eyes and let out a deep breath, she then proceeded to be ushered off into a sleep-like state. Her eyes slowly opened to reveal a new warmth they had not held formerly. It was virtually like she had become a completely different person in just a matter of seconds. When she glanced upon the man her eyes held not the same indifference they had before, but were of pity for the young man. The Celestial let out a deep-rooted sigh, when she began recalling the things the Empyrean had done when she was confined within her own mind. Her face didn’t display it, but deep within the depths of her core she bore nothing except wraith.

The young man appeared to have calmed down prompting the Celestial to begin speaking. “I apologize for my~ previous behavior brother”, the Celestial’s voice woke the young man from his rage. It was the tone of voice he had grown accustomed to, unlike the one he had heard from her before. As the once flaming rage had quelled, the young man returned to his usual god-like cadence. He opened his mouth as though he was to speak, but was soon lost for words. He was angry that his much younger sister had taken his seat as chairman in their late father’s company, and yet he wasn’t angry at his sister for having taken his place. He too thought it was natural for her to take the seat as chairman because of her immeasurable achievements within the company. But when he thought of her, the empyrean that had tortured him as a child having so much power it scared him to his core.

Just as he was preparing to speak, a gentle knock could be heard at the door. The two figures in the room turned to look at it. The door promptly opened to reveal an equable woman adorning black rim glasses. Though her glasses wore ordinary, her blushed face borne out its untapped beauty. In her fair hands was a tablet-like device that casted an amber glow upon her snow white skin. Her hair was bound back vaguely displaying her slightly rosed ears. She parted her lips and spoke, “Ms. Eden, there is a Dr. Kessler here to speak with you.”

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