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Duck Season

Duck Season

That time of year again when all the hunters gather their gear for early morning hunts. This is something that most men look forward to. Duck season is more than hunting ducks, it’s a time that you spend with your buddies having a great time.

Opening season for 2022 started on November 25th and goes on for the weekend and so on. After just hunting on the weekends, you can start hunting every day starting December 9th and ending on January 31st. While this is going on, hunters look for their targets like Mallards, Pintails, Wood ducks, etc. Duck hunting is not the regular go-sit-out in a stand hunting, it’s where you sit in 20-degree, or lower, waters and blow your calls waiting til they come in. To do this hunting, you will need: a shotgun, duck calls, waders, camouflage, face paint and some have duck dogs.

Duck dogs are normally lab retrievers, but can be other types of dogs. If trained correctly, on the sound of the hunters' voice, they will retrieve the duck and bring it back to you with no trouble. Not everyone can do this type of hunting and not everyone is made for it, but for the people who are hunting this season, all I can say is have a great time.

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